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I was always interested in healthcare as a profession, however, I faint at the sight of blood. This, along with my interest in how nutrition impacts health, led me to become a registered dietitian.


I graduated from the Dietetics Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Go Tigers!) in 2012 then obtained a Master of Science in Nutrition degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2016.

After working as a clinical dietitian for 8 years, I followed my dream and launched Sweet Balance, my virtual private practice in 2020. Since that time, I've had the joy of working with 126 amazing clients (as of July 2023)! 

Sarah Williams, MS, RD, LD

I personally struggled with chronic dieting and emotional eating in the past. Now I have a healthy relationship with food and have found a balanced, flexible way of eating that lets me easily maintain my desired weight and feel confident, while still enjoying life. I help my clients do the same. 

I was born and raised in STL. I love reading (a mix of self-help books and murder mysteries), baking delicious treats (all foods fit!), getting my butt kicked in bootcamp classes, and spending time with my dog, Jessie. 

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