I love sharing client wins because a) they are amazing and b) they give others inspiration and motivation. I am so proud of every single one of my clients- their transformations (both mind and body) truly amaze me.


Here are some wins & reviews from clients who have completed my program!

Thank you for having an "all foods" approach. I have enjoyed the group and your tips/tricks on recipes, meal prepping and helping me reset my mindset.

I like the format and various ways to connect (zoom meetings, weekly updates/check-ins on facebook). The instructor is very knowledgeable and has a great attitude.

Your nonjudgmental approach is refreshing.

I have tried tracking my food and following other programs in the past and they didn’t work. This program feels sustainable and easier. It’s really helped me change my mindset. 

I really like the group sessions. It creates a great support team and holds me accountable. And it helps you realize that while everyone may have different weight loss goals we are all working towards the same goal of being healthy and the best version of ourselves.

Biggest non-scale victory was definitely turning around my relationship with food. I stopped punishing myself for enjoying eating and learned how to develop healthy eating habits that not only help me lose weight, but make me feel good overall. Scale victory was definitely the 16 pounds lost with Sarah's help!

I have tried WW, macros, keto etc... but nothing clicked for me. I always set unrealistic goals and gave up because it wasn’t sustainable. Sarah’s plan is realistic for long term. She teaches you how to eat balanced meals and feel satisfied. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can do it!

This has been a great experience for me and I have already learned so many new healthy food habits that I will keep with me for life. I am holding myself more accountable than ever before, and the clarity that comes from having concrete nutrition goals catered specifically to me by an expert is absolutely worth the investment in this program. I feel more in control and empowered to move through life making decisions that serve my body well, without depriving myself of flavor or fun. I have already lost weight and am feeling better in just the first few weeks, but the best part is that this doesn't feel like just a short-term change -- I think the skills and knowledge I am gaining through this process will allow me to stay in much better control of my weight forever, and that's really exciting!

By following your recommendations,
I have lost 15 pounds in 3 months.  I’m able to stick with the 
plan because “all foods fit.”

Before this program, I didn’t know what to eat, when to eat, how big portions should be. I felt overwhelmed and stuck. I’ve lost and gained the same pounds back in the last 2 years. Now my relationship with food has completely changed. Dropping the food guilt from the first session and now going into month 4, it’s taken a lot of stress out of my life. My body is more toned, my hair and skin are better, my GERD is gone, my allergies are not as severe and my sleep is better.

I am loving the group setting. I love hearing what the other people in the sessions are dealing with and being able to help each other. The goal setting aspect is really great too, because we can all hold each other responsible.

It is so helpful and keeps me on track! I have learned so much and it is great that it is set up for the long term.

This program has been an eye opener! I thought I had a handle on my nutrition and knew what portions were appropriate. Turns out I was over eating the whole time. Sarah helps you reinforce the things you know (or thought you knew), and teaches you how to think differently about your relationship with food. 

This program has changed my life. It has not only helped me with my relationship with food, it’s also started to turn around my self-esteem in general. The positive affirmations, the tips and tricks, like not feeling guilty about food or just working out to the moves you like, and the encouragement have been awesome.

I’m down 35 pounds in 4 months! I loved this program. I am so glad there are no "forbidden" foods.



Sustainable weight loss takes time - it doesn't happen overnight. Consistency and accountability can make a huge difference in your progress - whether you're focusing on weight loss, improving your relationship with food, overcoming emotional eating, feeling more confident, or all of the above!

If you want accountability, support, and consistency, join my nutrition program.