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Find balance between healthy and fun!

Reach your goals while enjoying life. 

with Sarah Williams, MS, RD, registered dietitian and nutrition coach

My 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you reach your health and weight loss goals while living your best life (and eating foods you love).

Are you tired of trying diets that make you give up your favorite foods? Sick of losing weight then gaining it back? Ready to stop starting over every week?


It’s time to find balance with a flexible, all foods fit approach that you can do for life.


"I had such a great time during this program. I lost weight without having to make major sacrifices or feel hungry. I'm on track to lose more weight in a healthy, sustainable way. I like the way my clothes fit again and feel more confident not just in my physical appearance but also in my ability to make healthy choices. Your approach fits within normal living and I am so grateful for the knowledge and support you've shown as my coach."

"I LOVED your program! I thought I knew it all, but your program has taught me SO much more. You really helped me change my mindset, which I think can be the most difficult factor in weight loss. I don't ever feel deprived and I look forward to my meals! I feel so much happier and healthier, thank you!"

"I have tried WW, macros, keto, etc...but nothing clicked for me. I always set unrealistic goals and gave up because it wasn't sustainable. Sarah's plan is realistic for the long term. She teaches you how to eat balanced meals and feel satisfied. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can do it!"

"Biggest non-scale victory was definitely turning around my relationship with food. I stopped punishing myself for enjoying eating and learned how to develop healthy habits that not only help me lose weight, but make me feel good overall. Scale victory was definitely the 16 pounds lost with Sarah's help!"

Are you sick of trying miserable diets that aren't sustainable?

Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back a few weeks later? 

Do you feel like you've tried everything and are not sure what to do next? 

Are you struggling to stay motivated? 

Whether you are a weight loss beginner or looking for accountability and support to get back in shape, I can help you reach your goals. You don't have to waste time on strict diets that don't work or guess what to try next. You can achieve long-term weight loss by following my step-by-step method.


How good would it feel to...

Stop stressing about food

Feel confident (about yourself and your food choices) 

Learn what calorie and macronutrient goals are best for you

Stop feeling guilty after eating treats

Overcome emotional eating

Lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way

My 1:1 coaching program is for clients who want the highest level of support and accountability. We will work closely together with private 1:1 sessions and between-session messaging support. During our time together I will give you personalized strategies that meet your unique needs. 

What's Included

Personalized Calorie and Macronutrient Goals

Learn how to fuel your body to feel satisfied, energized, and reach your health goals.


60-minute 1:1 Kick Start Initial Appointment

Every other week 30-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions 

Gain knowledge and skills that you will use to reach your goals and maintain your success. Stay on track with follow-up sessions for accountability and support.

Weekly Check-Ins

During the weeks that we do not have a session, you'll receive an email check-in. This helps you reflect on your goals and progress and plan for the week ahead.

Unlimited Private Messaging Support 

24/7 access to a client portal/app that you can use to send messages to me. Ask questions and feel supported throughout your weight loss journey. 

Educational Handouts

Over 10 educational handouts you can use as a reference during and after the program.

Food Journal Review with Feedback 

Keep a food journal that is shared with me to get feedback and suggestions to help you reach your goals.

My program is for you if:

You want to end the cycle of losing weight then gaining it back

You want to improve your relationship with food

You want to become an expert in fueling your body with meals and snacks that make you feel satisfied, energized, and support your goals


You are ready to learn a flexible, all foods fit approach that you can do for life

The Investment

12-week/3-month option

$1050 (one time payment)


3 monthly payments,

$400 each (total $1200)

24-week/6-month option 

$2000 (one time payment) 


6 monthly payments, 

$375 each (total $2250)

*cost may be lower if participating in a referral program


If you feel like it's impossible to reach your goals without giving up your favorite foods, I'm here to show you that it is possible.


I've helped many clients achieve long-term weight loss. With the right support and accountability, I know you can do it, too. 

1) Click the button below to apply.

2) After you submit your coaching application, you'll be redirected to book a free discovery call.

3) If we are a good fit, schedule your first 1:1 session! 

How to get started:

Prefer a group program? 

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